All these values are placed in an array defined by the user. The array is a uniquely new feature to Blessing and can be manipulated in any way by the user.

The default values in the array are set via menu set items. It mt4 expert advisor programming pdf is important to understand how this array functions before attempting to modify the default values of Blessing.

There needs to be one less number in the SetCountArray than there are in the GridSetArray and TP_SetArray variables.

The SetCountArray uses the MaxTrades variable as its “ceiling”. Since this variable is already set, the GridSetArray doesn’t need that number. A user, with the array, has the ability of creating any grid they desire! This powerful feature will allow power users to explore different ways to trade with Blessing. A user can have as many blocks as they desire with various Take Profits for each. For example, if a user wants a 5 block grid (6 blocks in the end! ) that varies from 1 trade in the first block to 8 trades in the last, they simple need to set expert mt4 mql4 expert advisor moving average pdf advisor programming the array with 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 (1,2,3,5,8 for the menu).

Mt4 expert advisor programming pdf Set.

This means there will be 1 trade in the first block, 2 in the second, 3 in the third, 5 in the fourth and 8 in the fifth. A user sets 16, 34, 68, 112, 168, and forex scalping exit strategy 180 (16,34,68,112,168,180 for the menu). This means the first trade mt4 expert advisor programming pdf will be placed 16 pips from entry (coupled with the Entry Offset and MathMod function). The next two trades will be placed 34 pips apart defining block 2. And now, mt4 expert advisor if programming pdf you remember, the final trade(s) will all be placed at 180 pips at mt4 expert advisor programming MaxTrades pdf minus the total of the trades in pdf the programming expert mt4 advisor array. If MaxTrades had been set at 20, the last trade will be placed at 180 pip distance. For each grid block there needs to be a Take Profit. In this case we will use 32, 68, mt4 expert advisor programming pdf 136, 224, 336, and 360 (32,68,136,mt4 expert advisor programming pdf 224,336,360 for the menu). We won’t go into detail but Blessing will set the Take Profit when the next level expert pdf programming advisor mt4 of the grid is asked for during trading. As you can see, the array is a powerful feature for Blessing. Auto Calculation is based on the Average True Range (ATR) indicator.

Webcasts and see how 70-80 % profit on a monthly basis, we found it tough hello Patric, Your very welcome, thank mt4 expert advisor programming pdf you for your kind words. Here in EA studio microwavelaser networks, everyone is back on an even.

Mt4 expert advisor programming pdf People seemed to be making.
The number of trades per block is mt4 expert advisor programming pdf base on the number in the SetCountArray. The expert mt4 advisor programming remaining pdf block runs up to the Max Trades number. The ATR indicator is based on a 21 period cycle of that pair and is not user selectable. This allows the mt4 expert advisor programming pdf user to create a “breathing grid” based on mt4 expert advisor programming pdf that pair’s volatility. If a user wanted to mt4 expert advisor programming pdf auto calculate the grid they simply just set AutoCal to true. It will find the first number, replace the default value of 25 best ea trading strategies with that new number then use a multiplication factor of 2221. The grid blocks could mt4 look expert advisor programming pdf like 214284168252 if AutoCal finds 21 pips as the ATR for that pair. The Take Profit values would then be 4284168252378. A mt4 expert advisor programming pdf Grid Adjustment Factor (GAF) is also provided mt4 expert advisor programming pdf and is independent of the AutoCal feature. This gives the user the ability to widen mt4 expert advisor programming pdf or squish the grid based on the percentage value set. Leaving the GAF at 1 will leave the first grid number at 25 pips. A user can use both the AutoCal and GAF together, separate or not at all forex tracking system but it is through these functions where the user can control the size of grid that is laid out for trading. A user can use a GAF with their own defined grid array as well.

Mt4 expert advisor programming pdf Customer.

There is a multitude of ways to create metatrader automated trading scripts a grid with Blessing. Integral to laying out additional trades, Blessing adjusts the lot size for that trade based on a user selectable Multiplier.

Every trade added as a LIMIT has a lot size incrementally larger than the previous based on the user selectable Multiplier. This Multiplier is directly tied to the Money Management routine developed in Blessing and is proprietary to Blessings routine. The Multiplier and how it is used is explained in the Money Management Section. Because Blessing places trades incrementally higher, the potential for larger draw downs may happen. Potential profit compared to the total number of trades out decreases dramatically above 10 total trades. In other words, the draw down due to placing the 10th trade becomes large because of programming pdf mt4 advisor expert the Multiplier increasing the size of the trade.

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